1460pcs 1/4W 73 Values 1% Precision Metal Film Resistor Assortment Kit 1Ω to 1MΩ


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1460Pcs 1/4W 73 Values 1% Precision Metal Film Electronic Resistor Assortment Kit Set 1ohm-1Mohm Geekstory

Condition: Band NEW, 100% Good Quality 1/4W Metal Film Resistors Packets High precision and stability
Low-temperature coefficient Low noise
    Durable and easy to install
    Very convenient and practical
    High precision and stability
    Very popular among the electronic lovers
    Many type of metal film resistors assorted,can meet your different demand.

Item Description:
    Rated Power:1/4W(0.25W)
    Resistance Tolerance:±1%
    Operating Temperature:-55–+125℃
   Temperature Coefficient:±100ppm / ℃
   Technology: Carbon Film
   Package Type: Through Hole
   Model Number: Color ring resistance
   Type: Fixed Resistor

  •  High Quality:Resistance Tolerance: ±1%; Power: 1/4w. 1/4w metal film and thicker metal pins for better connection, low temperature coefficient and stable performance, which help you complete the electrical experiments faster and smoother
  •  Applicable:The resistor set can be applied to Arduino projects and other electronic and electrical experiments
  •  Easy to Use: Each ohm resistor is individually wrapped and the additional labeling of each variety guarantees you maximum convenience – no long searches necessary for easy organization without reading ribbons, and 20 pcs per plastic bag. Our different value resistor assortment kit will meet all your needs
  •  What You Get: 1/4W (0.25W) Metal Film Resistor Assortment Kit (A handy color chart is included with the set) with convenient packaging for convenient storage and use. Resistor assortment kit contains 1460pcs resistors with 73 values. Enough quantity for your DIY project and experiments

Package Includes:
146pcs 73values 1/4W Metal Film Resistors

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7.3 x 4.5 x 2.4 inches; 8.78 Ounces

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January 30, 2018

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#308 in Single Fixed Resistors

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39 Reviews For This Product

  1. 38

    by Pete Zimmer

    Works fine, lasts long time.

    Works fine, lasts long time.

  2. 38

    by D.A.

    Color coding

    The individual packages are marked correctly but the rings on some of the values are wrong. Testing them they are what the package claims they are but do not rely on the rings. For experimenters they are fine do not use these for production.

  3. 38

    by Kindle Customer

    better quality than I expected

    All values measured well within tolerance. Each value packed separately and well marked. The leads were thinner than what I had hope, but that seems to be pretty standard now compared to years ago. Still not a problem if your using a quality breadboard.

  4. 38

    by Amazon Customer



  5. 38

    by keith roberts

    They’re resistors, they resist, that’s what they do . . . .

    So far no problem with the ones I’ve used.

  6. 38

    by Robert J Clulow

    Great for the price – Small precision resistors are getting hard to find.

    I use them to build very high end audio headphone amps and the channels are very well matched.

  7. 38

    by John

    Really precise for the cost!

    So handy to have all these values! They are actually pretty spot on with the values i think the 1% rating is certainly fair. The leads are a little thin though so they wont fit snuggly into breadboards or female headers.

  8. 38

    by Mike C.

    Great, low cost buy.

    Great selection of low wattage resisters. Accuracy is very close to markings. a great low cost order for your building hobby.

  9. 38

    by Don

    Nice assortment but

    I received the resistors and everything looks good but one thing I did notice that there are are no 3K ohm resistors. Why would you not add this to the package?

  10. 38

    by keith

    They hold back the current

    When you need to restrict the current, get these. :/

  11. 38

    by RMC

    Thank goodness the baggies are labeled

    Lots of resistors with many values. The few test circuits I’ve built with them have worked as intended, so they seem to be accurate. I actually did have to test the resistance with a meter after my 10 year old disassembled my breadboard and made a pile of everything. I would have tried reading the codes, but they look like the bands were painted by a dog. I mean, the colors are not easy to differentiate, some are fairly thick bands while others are very narrow stripes, some are partially missing. It’s hard to tell which end to read from. Bottom line, they’re a pretty cheap price but they seem to work well (so far). As long as you pull them out of the baggies or use a meter to check them, you should be okay. Recommend.

  12. 38

    by MAParker

    Accuracy and temperature coefficient

    Overall, a very nice set of resistors with plenty of each type although some 2.2M 5.6M and 10M would be much welcomed.Did a quick check on a few of the 1k resistors and found the values to be within about -0.5%. However, a very rough estimate of the temperature coefficient gives -0.1 Ohm/Degree F. The rough value was ascertained by heating the resistor between fingers and then heating a K-type thermocouple between fingers and reading the temperature.

  13. 38

    by Peugeot

    This is a good deal

    These came packaged in a way that it was easy to sort and find the pieces I need. That’s the best thing.

  14. 38

    by Jon

    No labels and multiple areas where values couldn’t be read

    Not sure what happened between all the great reviews and the set I received, but none of the bags were labeled and multiple markings on the tape were cut off.Paid a little more for these because I don’t have time to deal with going through and checking all the values, but these are definitely not what I needed. I will try another set based upon the excellent reviews and will update my review if the set I have was an error of some kind.UPDATE: Second set was identical, if not worse than the first set. Kudos to Amazon for getting parts out quickly to support my medical device development work, but I’m still looking for a set that I don’t have to spend hours confirming I got what I paid for.2ND UPDATE: Seller has provided excellent customer service and states that other stock at Amazon warehouses appears to be labled properly., While I can’t confirm that, they have been very attentive to my concerns and that itself deserves an upgrade from 1 to 4 stars.

    2 people found this helpful

  15. 38

    by DF GA

    Always good to have a wide array of resistors on hand!

    Pros: They’re boxed up, in numerical ORDER by ohms!Easy to sift through and find the right onesColor chartCons: sitting one out and forgetting the value, having to read the chart and TRY to see the color rings is unbearable when you have not-so-great vision. But they DO provide a chart which is really handy if push comes to shove.Would buy again for sure.

  16. 38

    by kerry keel

    Function quality is quite good

    Bought resistors for stock need to be used as needed. Color code could be better. Best to check each device with a meter to know what it’s value is. Other than that, these devices will do what they are designed to do. A superior PLUS for metal film resistors, you can get them hot enough to burn the surface paint off, but the element holds it’s resistance value. That is not possible with carbon film, or carbon composition resistors.

  17. 38

    by D. Rood

    A great way to start the resistance

    I got this because i did not have any metal film resistors, only the ceramic type, and one of the projects i will be starting needs these. They’re low wattage, but that’s ok, it’s good for 555 timers and whatnot.The box and packaging of resistors seems standard for the industry, and it includes a tacked on color band decoder chart for reading the values of resistors after you remove them from the bag. I have not tested the precision but i have no reason to doubt 1%, and 1% at this price is great!Worth buying if you need “a few” resistors, as the old RS used to charge ~$1 for just a handful of resistors, and this is over fourteen hundred!

    2 people found this helpful

  18. 38

    by welder314

    Couldn’t resist…

    Who can resist a box full of resistors? I use these for general projects. Comes in a small cardboard box, and each set of resistors is in a tiny ziploc bag. So it’s a box full of 73 little bags. Each bag is marked with the value, which is great since I can’t read the color bands (an EE with color deficiency). I spot checked a few, they were all within published specs. Great value.

  19. 38

    by Jamie MJamie M

    Tested to within 1%. What more can you ask?

    Great value and variety. I also love that they came with a band legend sticker. That will be useful to stick on the lid of the sorting tray they will go into. On the down side; The pouches were not in order, a few of them were mislabeled (but the stamp on the ribbon was correct), and some of them were labeled differently even within the same value range. (See pictures)BUT, those few complaints are fairly trivial when you start to test and use these items; testing a random smattering of the resistors shows that they do indeed fall nicely within the 1% range, which is really all that matters here. Random tests pictured.

    One person found this helpful

  20. 38

    by J. Epstein

    Useful selection to have on hand when prototyping

    A well-organized, complete selection within its range. Note that the largest value is 1Megohm – I need a few values between 1M and 10M and had to cover them separately.The resistor leads are thin but that is actually a convenience – two leads can fit in a single standard perfboard hole if needed. And they have held up just fine to bending, resoldering, etc so they are not flimsy at all.

  21. 38

    by MKS

    As advertized

    Excellent packaging. Easy to read package labels.

  22. 38

    by Kim Bozik

    Solid value.

    Great value. I do a lot of Arduino projects and resistors are invaluable. These are good ones, solder up well to my boards.

    One person found this helpful

  23. 38

    by Arthur Fonzarelli

    Great value and large variety.

    Huge variety of resistors neatly packaged and labeled. Good value for the amount you get and great for the electronics hobbyist.

  24. 38

    by Jj

    Good product

    Good resistors. Accuracy between them is within tolerance. Nice assortment

  25. 38

    by Amazon Customer

    Nice multi pack

    As described. Resistor packs were in order so that was a nice time safer.

  26. 38

    by The Tin Man


    These have worked great for me.Nice assortment and very neatly done.

  27. 38

    by NIN89

    Great deal!

    Working set of resistors for my projects! Has all the values I was missing.

  28. 38

    by LC in Michigan

    NOT 1% resistors, Very poor accuracy. Color bands are dark and hard to read

    I needed 120 ohm 1% resistors. These aren’t even close to 1%. The resistance measured on two different Fluke Digital meters, one a 4-1/2 digit, the other a 5-1/2 digit 4-Wire Ohms measurement showed about the same resistance, about 117.8 to 118 .2 ohms. A 1% resistance deviation at 1% tolerance would have been between 118.8 ohms and 121.2 ohms. Additionally, all the color bands are dark and very hard to read. I’m very disappointed!

  29. 38

    by Claudia

    Un ahorro considerable

    Envío rápido, costo adecuado para la cantidad contenida. Recomendadas.

  30. 38

    by David Walz



  31. 38

    by Osvaldo Maldonado


    Great value and prompt delivery!

  32. 38

    by Jean Buechs

    Would buy again.

    Shipped in a timely fashion and product is excellent.

  33. 38

    by Brian

    … range and quantity of values on this kit is great. The sticker for resistor code was a nice …

    The range and quantity of values on this kit is great. The sticker for resistor code was a nice touch as well.

  34. 38

    by Jeremy

    Very organized

    Each value is bagged accordingly and each bag has a value sticker, very pleased also came with a resistor chart sticker.

  35. 38

    by Howitzer Lorenzo

    Awesome resistance

    Great selection fast shipping excellent packaging

  36. 38

    by D Simpson

    Great selection, well organized.

    The leads are quite thin, so depending upon the state of your breadboard, the leads can be too loose or too flimsy to push in.If you are soldering, then they will work well.

  37. 38

    by Amazon Customer

    Valeurs classées et précises.

    Parfait pour mes montages audio. Plus besoin de chercher les valeurs. Ménage un temps incroyable.

  38. 38

    by Jacek J

    Great selection and good quality.

    The box came on time and all parts were there. Wish the resistors would be packaged in a plastic box with dividers.Recommend this product.

  39. 38

    by NS_IanNS_Ian

    “legs” are NOT 0.5mm as advertised.

    I bought these specifically because they were advertised as having 0.5mm leads, as the cheap resistor kits I currently own have leads that are so small in diameter that they do not make reliable contacts in breadboards. I just received these, and the leads are 0.3mm, not 0.5mm. They are exactly the same as those I already have! I will be returning these immediately.

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